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Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog

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When cooking for friends or family, many of us go out of the way to seek the freshest, tastiest ingredients possible. You may have favorite producers at the local farmers market, or brands from the grocery that you've come to know and trust.

But when choosing the ingredients that make up our open source applications, we often bring in new libraries without any guarantees that they are safe and well maintained.

JFrog and Tidelift have been working together to create a simple solution to this problem. So simple in fact, that we turned it into a children’s book called Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog.

This book will show you how we can help you create catalogs of known-good, proactively maintained open source components to ensure your apps are as safe and healthy as they can be.

Download it now as PDF or in ebook format, or register to speak with one of our open source experts and we’ll send you a physical book you can share with your family!



Joint Tidelift + JFrog Webinar

Best practices for managing your open source artifacts

In this on-demand webinar, JFrog senior product manager Mark Galpin and Tidelift co-founder Havoc Pennington share the latest best practices organizations can use to manage their open source dependencies well.

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Build secure applications from the start


The Tidelift Subscription allows developers to innovate with open source rather than maintain applications using old open source projects.

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JFrog Artifactory integrates with Tidelift’s known-good open source catalogs so that devs are using the right projects from the start.

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