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The key benefits of the Tidelift Subscription

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here are six key benefits the Tidelift Subscription. The first of those is security updates. Without the Tidelift Subscription, when there's a new security vulnerability in one of your open source packages, it's your problem to figure it out. What's the issue? How do I resolve it? With the Tidelift Subscription? It's our problem. Tidelift works with the open source maintainers we partner with to diagnose the issue, get a fixed package created and securely notify you so your team is always covered, you're never exposed. The second key benefit of the Tidelift Subscription is licensing, verification and indemnification. Without Tidelift, it's your job to know a lot of trivia about open source licenses, how they work, compatibility and so on. With Tidelift, it's our problem to ensure that all of the open source packages that go into your application have a verified license, comply with your organization's policies, and we also wrap that with an additional level of indemnification, so that if anything goes wrong from a licensing perspective, it's Tidelift's problem, not yours. The next key benefit of the Tidelift Subscription is maintenance and code improvement. Without Tidelift, you don't know what's going to happen with the open source components that go into your application. And if they stop being actively maintained, it becomes your problem. With Tidelift, you have the guarantee that there's a network of professional open source maintainers, working in collaboration with Tidelift, to make sure that the software your application depends on stays working today and in the future. Next is package selection and version guidance. Without Tidelift, it's often hard to decide which open source package to use and even what version to use for a particular task. With Tidelift, we work with the open source maintainers to guide you to the best packages and the best versions to use at any time as those open source projects evolve. An additional benefit of the Tidelift Subscription is roadmap input. Without Tidelift, open source maintainers don't know what your development team needs from their packages that they create. With Tidelift, you get a private secure channel to convey the needs of your organization to those open source maintainers. Best of all Tidelift works with the software development tools that you already use, like GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket, and also with the deployment platforms where your application lives, like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. So you don't have to change the way that you build and deploy software to get the benefits of the Tidelift Subscriptions.

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