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What is managed open source?

What is managed open source_ (4)


Managed open source is a way to take all of the complexity of dealing with the open source components that go into your applications and make it somebody else's problem. We hear from application development teams that they spend up to 20% of their time dealing with maintenance related tasks, and only a third of their time actually creating the applications that they exist to make. What if you could just take all of that complexity around open source and make it somebody else's problem?

The Tidelift approach to manage open source is centered around the Tidelift Subscription. There's three elements. The first of those is the tools that attached to your software development lifecycle, so Tidelift can see what open source packages your application uses. The second piece is the active management that Tidelift does for you around those packages to ensure that they're always secure, well-licensed and accurately licensed and actively maintained. The third part of how we do that maintenance is Tidelift works directly with a network of independent open source maintainers, who look after their particular projects, and Tidelift brings them all together for you.

The bottom line is you get all of the assurances that you require from any enterprise-grade software, now for all of the open source projects that go into your applications.

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