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59% of maintainers have quit or considered quitting. Scary, huh? 👻

Move fast and stay safe when building applications with open source

Tools to manage open source software

A better way to manage the open source
software supply chain

Tidelift provides the tools, data, and strategies driving an inclusive and organization-wide approach to improving the health and security of the open source powering your applications.

open source maintainers

With help from our maintainer partners

Tidelift partners directly with a growing network of open source maintainers to ensure your open source software supply chain meets enterprise standards now and into the future.

Speed up application development


Streamline the development process

Remove obstacles that slow down application development.

  • Improve decision making with contextually relevant, maintainer-originated data made available directly in the software development lifecycle
  • Define a paved path of pre-vetted, approved open source components that reduces duplicative work and accelerates development
  • Reduce time to approve new components with a streamlined process integrated into your existing workflow

Improve open source software supply chain health and security

Identify and remove security, maintenance, and licensing-related risk.

  • Analyze and document an always-up-to-date software bill of materials (SBOM)
  • Assess application risk against open source components evaluated by Tidelift
  • Design and implement a centralized approach to evaluating and curating open source components
  • Codify and enforce consistent standards and policies across the organization

Keep an up to date SBOM



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The Tidelift Subscription helps you streamline the development process by removing obstacles that slow down developers while identifying and removing open source-related risk.


What’s included in the Tidelift Subscription?

software bill of materials

Open source management tools

Continuously inventory application dependencies while creating up-to-date and risk-reviewed software bills of materials (SBOMs) for all applications. Identify and measure risks and easily review any new dependency information.

Tidelift catalog

Keep constant watch over project health with security vulnerability advice and license annotation provided by Tidelift and maintainer partners, and make informed decisions about which releases to approve.

Tidelift catalogs
track dependencies with custom catalogs

Custom catalogs

Combine Tidelift standards with organizational policies to create a paved path of curated, tracked, and managed open source components. Custom catalogs enable tracking of internal “inner source” dependencies as well.

"Tidelift is positioned as the single source of content for supported technologies so enterprises can build and manage their software using known-good OSS components."

Al Gillen and Elaina Stergiades, IDC

Tracy Bannon from MITRE talks OSS supply chain security and how to help your overburdened dev team

Tracy Bannon from MITRE talks OSS supply chain security and how to help your overburdened dev team

For years, experts have been telling the government to take stock of the software supply chain by generating software bills of materials and defining standards and policies for use.

The 2021 Tidelift open source maintainer survey

The 2021 Tidelift open source maintainer survey

In early 2021, Tidelift fielded its first-ever comprehensive survey of open source maintainers.

A demo of the Tidelift Subscription

A demo of the Tidelift Subscription

Watch an on-demand demo of the Tidelift Subscription.