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Scope of support

For the Tidelift application, we support

  • Installation
  • Account and developer tools setup
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug reporting

Not covered

  • Production application issues
  • Wholesale application debugging
  • Modified packages
  • Third-party products
  • Application design
  • Tuning
  • Application porting
  • Developer tools/plugins within the context of an active software subscription

Requesting support

Please email support@tidelift.com or search our documentation to resolve support issues.

Support service level agreement

Severity level 1: 4 hours acknowledgement time
Any issue resulting in a full outage to the subscriber's production service.

Severity level 2: 8 hours
An issue with a high impact on a subscriber's production service or a severe impact on their non-critical business operations.

Severity level 3: 24 hours
An issue with a moderate impact on the subscriber's business operations or that disrupts a planned deployment.

Severity level 4: 48 hours
An issue or question with low to no immediate impact on subscriber's business operations.

These SLAs are honored for paid subscriptions and do not apply to trial subscriptions.

Catalog assurances

Tidelift catalogs provide the tools, data, and assurances to help you manage your organization’s open source effectively.

All catalogs include:

  • Machine-analyzed SPDX-formatted license data
  • Machine-analyzed vulnerability data on packages
  • Machine-analyzed data on whether a package is maintained

Tidelift-managed catalogs include:

  • Verified SPDX-formatted license data
  • Up-to-date data on whether a package is maintained
  • Up-to-date vulnerability data on packages
Catalog assurances