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It’s time to pay the maintainers

Open source maintainers can increase their impact and lower their stress with a recurring source of income through Tidelift

How does Tidelift pay maintainers?

First, someone purchases the Tidelift Subscription. Then, we scan the subscriber’s open source stack for packages and dependencies. We split up the subscription fee and use it to pay the exact packages they use.

In return, subscribers can be confident that those packages are well-maintained. Tidelift provides a comprehensive picture of maintenance, security, and licensing assurances to subscribers.

Package income is calculated each month based on subscriber usage. Payment is then sent to maintainers who've signed on to help us provide the subscription.

Read more details on how we’re paying the maintainers.

See an estimated monthly income for your package


Who else is here?

Thanks to early demand, many packages in the JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby ecosystems are already getting paid. Here are some key packages that are already a part of the Tidelift Subscription.

  • vue-1
  • babel
  • material-ui-1
  • fabric
  • doctrine
  • gulp
  • vuetify
  • celery
  • nuxt
  • mongoose
  • Paramiko
  • marshmallow
  • cherrypy
  • proxy-manager
  • cherrypy
  • cherrypy
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Carbon
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko
  • Paramiko

What work will maintainers do?

In short, maintain the package! As an active maintainer, you may be doing a lot of this work already. When we aggregate the output of this work for subscribers, they see a more complete picture. Here's a deep dive tour of how the lifting signup process works.

What will we NOT ask you to do?

You do not give up control of your technical roadmap.
You are not expected to provide help desk or consulting services.
You can stop lifting a package at any time.

Check out the details below, and send us your questions or feedback.



Follow responsible disclosure practices.

Use 2-factor authentication when possible, especially for GitHub and package repositories.

Put any known vulnerabilities into the Tidelift database to notify subscribers.

See security details


Continue to actively maintain your project.

Keep subscribers informed about which releases are stable, long-term supported, and obsolete.

Write and share with subscribers helpful release notes for each release.

Track and respond to Tidelift-identified dependency issues (such as missing licenses, deprecated versions, etc.). We have tooling to help with this!


See maintenance details


Review and document your package's license in the source repository and in package metadata.

Work with us to resolve any licensing problems that may arise.

See licensing details


We need your help to tell your users about The Tidelift Subscription. More subscribers mean more income for your package and many others. 

We're asking projects to promote that they're a part of the Tidelift Subscription on their website and in their README. 


See marketing details

Start lifting by seeing the estimated monthly income for your package

What are the terms?

We'll walk you through this as needed over email, but here's what to expect:


We will ask you to sign a legal agreement and code of conduct. We've worked hard to make it understandable, and you can exit the agreement at any time with 30 days notice. You can review the agreement in its entirety here.

We welcome your feedback on the legal agreement or the code of conduct, you can email us at lift@tidelift.com, or fill out this form.

discuss income with the whole project

Our income estimate is for the entire project. If your project has co-maintainers, please discuss it with everyone.

Get started by seeing an estimated monthly income for your package