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We’re bringing together maintainers and core teams—we call them lifters—interested in building highly profitable businesses around their projects. 

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Are you creating or maintaining a popular open source project? Want to attract more users, build the community you want to be a part of, and get paid for doing the work you love?

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The lifter model

Enterprise software teams want professional assurances around open source 


Fact: Professional development teams will pay real money for stronger assurances around their open source stacks.

In a recent survey, we learned:

  • 83% of organizations will pay for well-managed, supported, licensed, and secure versions of the open source software they already rely on.
  • Over 50% of organizations are developing custom approval processes and tools to vet and approve new open source dependencies. But these home-grown solutions tend to be low quality—they don't have a lot of depth, and create a hassle for their development teams.

Even if these organizations have a checkbook in hand, the tools and assurances they value often just aren’t available for the open source stacks they use.


The open source subscription model works, but not for everyone 

The Tidelift team has experience with many open source businesses over two decades, and we have a strong perspective on what works. 

The mechanics of good open source businesses don't scale down well to the individual package level. In particular, there's no good way to create a business around a single library in the vast stacks of packages customers are using to build applications today.

Moreover, existing businesses don't make upstream maintainers part of their economic model. This creates burnout and churn as maintainers—without fair incentives to keep them creating—frequently disappear.

Tidelift helps maintainers get paid 

What won’t work for individual packages will work if we all come together.

Tidelift provides a way to bring maintainers together in a scalable model that works—for everyone. Those who build and maintain open source software get compensated for their effort—and those who use their creations get more dependable software.

  • We sell a subscription that covers open source dependencies and provides assurances around licensing, maintenance, and security
  • We share the sales, marketing, and administrative aspects of the business across thousands of open source packages
  • Upstream projects can join as lifters and get paid for offering some straightforward (but not worth doing for free) extra assurances

Bottom line: We connect the software development teams using open source with the maintainers creating it, in a win-win way.

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