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The Tidelift Subscription

The software you already use. The professional assurances you need. Directly from the experts who know it best.



Open source you can depend on

In a recent survey, developers told us that almost 95% of their software applications include open source components. Every time a software developer incorporates another fantastic open source library or package into their application, it also introduces additional complexity.

The Tidelift Subscription brings order to this beautiful chaos, ensuring software development teams have open source software they can depend on.





Develop and deploy with confidence

The Tidelift Subscription delivers commercial-grade security updates, maintenance, and quality assurance for the open source projects you depend on, provided directly by the people who created them.



Key benefits

Subscriptions available now

We’re creating a way to subscribe to open source software you can depend on—across every open source ecosystem. Several Tidelift subscriptions are already available, and we’re continuing to add coverage.

(If you’re an open source maintainer, find out more).


The Tidelift 
for React

The progressive framework for building user interfaces.

For applications using the React ecosystem

Starting at $899/mo

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The Tidelift 
for Angular

A JavaScript library for 
building user interfaces

For applications using the Angular ecosystem

Starting at $899/mo

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The Tidelift 
for Vue.js

One framework. 
Mobile & desktop.

For applications using the Vue.js ecosystem

Starting at $899/mo

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Subscriptions cover core packages you've heard of, but also the deep dependency graph of 1000+ packages found in typical applications.


Tidelift is currently working with maintainers to add more subscriptions. Want to talk to us about assurances for the software you use?


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Free dependency analysis

Start by better understanding your current dependencies

Want a bird’s eye view of open source usage in your organization?

With support for Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, and 20 more languages and package managers, our free dependency analysis will give you a unified view of all open source components your organization is already using.

Our analysis is powered by, the most comprehensive index of open source components ever assembled. 

get a free dependency analysis

Indexing 24 package manager ecosystems

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  • Bower.png
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  • CRAN.png
  • cargo.png
  • hex.png
  • swift.png
  • pub.png
  • carthage.png
  • dub.png
  • julia.png
  • shards.png
  • haxelib.png
  • elm.png


The definitive guide to professional open source

Best practices for responsibly using open source components in your organization

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