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We ask a lawyer about GitHub Copilot

Luis Villa of Tidelift joins the show to discuss GitHub Copilot and the implications of an AI pair programmer from a legal perspective.

Supporting Python open source projects and maintainers

How do you define open source software? What are the challenges an open source project and maintainers face?

The Changelog's maintainer spotlight, featuring lifter Feross Aboukhadijeh

The latest episode of The Changelog's Maintainer Spotlight is out, and features Feross Aboukhadijeh, the maintainer of over 100 open source projects including StandardJS and WebTorrent.

Maintainer spotlight! Ned Batchelder

In this episode we’re shinning our maintainer spotlight on Ned Batchelder.

Luis Villa on what you need to know about open source licenses

Co-founder Luis Villa discusses open source licenses with Tobias Macey on Podcast.__init__.

Luis Villa talks Tidelift with Randal and Jonathan on the FLOSS Weekly podcast

Luis Villa discusses Tidelift with co-hosts Randal Schwartz and Jonathan Bennett of the long-running FLOSS Weekly podcast.

Tidelift's Donald Fischer on Changelog Founder's Talk podcast

CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer sat down with Adam at Changelog to discuss Tidelift.