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Tidelift: A software and people-powered approach

Hear Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer share the software and people-powered approach of the Tidelift Subscription.

This video clip comes from our on-demand webinar, why software composition analysis tools aren't enough. In this webinar, Donald talks about a new approach to improving open source supply chain resilience that brings together people and software. You can watch the entire webinar on-demand here

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Tidelift provides a proactive software and people-powered approach to managing open source effectively for your application development teams.

On the software side, we've created some multi-tenant SAAS tools that allow you to define open source standards and policies, and you can use our tooling to ensure that those are enforced across your organization. This activity centers around creating and maintaining customized catalogs of pre-vetted and approved open source components. You can rely on information from Tidelift and our partner maintainers, and you can also adjust those to meet your business's specific needs.

The second element here, the people part, is what really makes those software tools shine. We have this unique strategy of partnering directly with the open source maintainers behind thousands of the most widely used open source projects to ensure that their projects meet these enterprise standards that you require, now and into the future.