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Managing open source software risk for telecommunications organizations

For telecommunications organizations, balancing cybersecurity and technology innovation is a complex challenge.

Cybersecurity is crucial in protecting communications networks, preventing data breaches and service disruptions, and securing connected devices. At the same time, technology innovation plays a transformative role in areas such as global connectivity, virtual communications, and software-defined networking.

Organizations that navigate this challenge and can both move fast and innovate while also keeping critical telecommunications systems secure will be best positioned to deliver better customer experiences and outcomes. 

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Open source software has become the foundation for building modern, customizable, and cost-efficient solutions. Open source is used in a variety of telecommunications functions, from unified communications to software-defined networking, and mobile operating systems.

This substantial dependence on open source software has prompted telecommunications organizations to strategically prioritize the security and effective maintenance of the open source software supply chain so they can continue to innovate while minimizing risk.
Tidelift helps address this need by giving leading telecommunications organizations the tools and data they need to manage their open source software supply chain effectively, streamlining costs and reducing open source related security risk. 

“Open source software supply chain threats are much broader than what CVEs tell us. More and more, organizations are starting to recognize the importance of minimizing the likelihood of being exposed to a vulnerability in the first place.”

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How Tidelift helps leading telecommunications organizations use open source with confidence

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Validated open source package intelligence 

Use Tidelift’s package, release, and vulnerability APIs to give your teams access to a continuously curated stream of validated data about vetted components they need to make intelligent decisions, faster.

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centralized SBOMS

Open source management and policy compliance

Curate catalogs of vetted, approved open source components with validated licenses that follow secure software development practices, then continuously curate them against the set of organizationally-defined open source policies.

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Learn how one organization is using Tidelift to reduce open source risk

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Learn how to proactively reduce risk, improve security, and use open source software with confidence
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