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Better, data-driven open source decision making

Organizations relying heavily on open source need to minimize risk by making the best possible decisions regarding the open source components in their applications.

Your team needs a reliable source for the accurate package data, including metadata, security, and development practices—and a way to keep this information updated, at scale, into the future.

The Tidelift Subscription provides access to a continuously curated stream of human-researched and maintainer-verified data on open source packages and their licenses, releases, vulnerabilities, and development practices.

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Improve visibility

Get a complete view of open source in use across the organization, and how each dependency measures up to the most meaningful industry standards for security, development practices, and long-term outlook.

Improve decision-making

Make more informed decisions with human-researched, validated, and normalized metadata from Tidelift and maintainer partners—and share them across the organization.

How Tidelift can help

Tidelift does the research so you don’t have to.

Tidelift analyzes open source software releases across major programming language ecosystems and tests them against the most meaningful industry standards.

Tidelift normalizes, validates, and verifies this data in combination with Tidelift’s partnered maintainers, and makes it available via API for integration into your applications and processes.

Many organizations have tools and scanners that they use to calculate their current risk. Use Tidelift’s data to predict and lower your future risk, based on the criteria that matters most to your organization.



Tidelift named Gartner® Cool Vendor™