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How to connect Tidelift with GitHub Sponsors

PTMillustration-2Tidelift has partnered with GitHub to makes it possible for organizations to pay the maintainers to maintain their software, creating a scalable income stream for maintainers, through the GitHub Sponsors program. Learn more about how to start earning money for your open source package with Tidelift.

You can now feature your package's participation in the Tidelift Subscription on your GitHub project page.

Read below to learn how to set up GitHub Sponsors with Tidelift!


Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 4.45.53 AM 


1. Become a Tidelift lifter. Learn more here.

2. Enable sponsor feature for your repository on GitHub. Learn more here.

3. Create a FUNDING.yml file in the .github directory (.github/FUNDING.yml) of the master branch of your project. 

4. Copy/paste tidelift: <platform/package-name> into your FUNDING.yml file.

5. Replace <platform/package-name> with the lowercased package manager of your lifted package (e.g. pypi, npm, maven), and the name of that package.

6. Commit the changes! This will now direct visitors to Tidelift as your solution for income for open source.

7. Repeat this process for any other repos you'd like to update with GitHub Sponsors.


Questions? Please email us at lift@tidelift.com.