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How an annoying Python package led Alex Clark to create Pillow


I'm Alex Clark from DC. I work on a fork of the Python imaging library that I started in 2010 and has become the de facto Python imaging library. I got involved with a project called Plone, which is a Python based open source CMS and Pill was a dependency of Plone. And its annoyances are what prompted the creation of Pillow. The the nonstandard way pill was was packaged was an annoyance to everyone at the time.

Why Alex decided to work with Tidelift... I think Tidelift formalizing a lot of the project minutiae has been incredibly helpful. Things that we should do but don't because there's other things and so having the time to really come in and formalize the process has been tremendously valuable, from licensing to your releases—all kinds of just project details that has been great to have their process.

Next steps for Pillow? I would love to scale. I think that we have a five member team now and we've been doing this for two years. I hope we can keep going for another two after that, you know, and maybe the team grows maybe the funding gets larger. I think to sustain it indefinitely is is my goal.

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