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Material-UI core maintainer Olivier Tassinari shares his open source software journey


M name is Olivier Tassinari. I work on the React ecosystem. What we're doing with Material-UI is trying to build all of the building blocks for rich, a dynamic environments. It all started four years ago, I think, when React just landed. I was very excited about this new technology, so I was very eager to learn. I decided to use Material-UI [on a project], so I started contributing to it. I got to a point where I was kind of leading the whole operation of the project, like how to expand, how to build new components, how to basically solve more problems of open source projects. It's kind of like running a small business. Even with me working full time, I still have too much on my plate. Right now the challenge is to scale to more people full time. The more money [a project gets], the more people you'll get working on the project. It just keeps growing. I think it's important to just fuel this growth. I think Tidelift is genuinely interested in building a partnership with the maintainers and is interested in having them succeed, building a win-win. That's why I decided to work with them, because I think that is now very interesting positions where they can target large enterprises. And as an open source project, it's very hard [to reach enterprise] and so you kind of need somebody to do for you.

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