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On-demand webinar

2024 recommendations to proactively reduce open source risk

An overview of IDC research and current recommendations for application development and security leaders to improve open source resilience and reduce risk


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In 2023, IDC research reported a 241%* increase in software supply chain attacks, with 64%** of organizations impacted by a vulnerability or compromise associated with open source software. With regard to application security, two main gaps were identified:

  1. the growing use of open source software
  2. vulnerable software supply chains

If you are an application development or security leader who finds these facts alarming or they confirm what you already see, and are interested in learning more about the investments IDC recommends making in 2024 to improve application resilience, please watch this on-demand webinar with Kate Norton, guest speaker from IDC and Kanish Sharma from Tidelift. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Latest data and insights about software security from IDC research
  • Market overview of all of components of software supply chain security, and which areas deserve special focus for 2024
  • Key takeaways for application development and security leaders to proactively improve application resilience and reduce open source-related risk

*IDC, Open Source Software Trends, Doc #US49418923, Sept 2023
**IDC, DevSecOps Adoption, Techniques, and Tools Survey, 2023, Doc #US50137623, May 2023

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Katie Norton

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Guest speaker

Kanish Sharma

Kanish Sharma