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Predictions: What’s in the crystal ball for open source software security in 2024?




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As we head into 2024, one of our time-honored traditions at Tidelift is gathering together a group of smart folks to make some predictions about open source software security for the year ahead.

In this webinar our panel featuring, Tidelift co-founders Donald Fischer and Luis Villa, RedMonk analyst Kelly Fitzpatrick, Fannie Mae OSPO strategist Brittany Istenes, and npm package maintainer Jordan Harband come together to look into their crystal balls. 

To whet your appetite, here are a few of the predictions our panel made last year that actually came true!

  • The shine on SBOMs starts to fade as leaders recognize they are not a silver bullet (it became clear to many in 2023 that open source security won’t be solved by SBOMs alone).
  • Open source software maintainers—appropriately—pushed back. There are many examples of open source maintainers pushing back against new work they are being asked to do for free, here are a few examples: from The New StackDavid Lord, and Thomas DePierre that made waves in 2023.
  • Open source and AI realize their shared potential in 2023, but it gets complicated in a hurry (boy, howdy, it sure did!).

Watch this on-demand panel discussion to hear about some exciting new predictions for 2024 you won’t want to miss.