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Our mission

Simply put, our mission is making open source work better—for everyone.

Who we are


"The thread that runs through my own work is one of looking for mission-driven opportunities.

Lauren Hanford, Design

Who we are


"Tidelift fits in so well with the way I work, the tools I use, and the values I hold about creativity and freedom.

John Bintz, Engineering

Who we are


"The Tidelift mission is real and powerful. The whole team lives and breathes the concept of paying the maintainers. 

Amy Hays, Marketing

Who we are


"For me, working at Tidelift checked three important boxes: (i) meaningful, mission-driven work (ii) a distributed, remote-first culture, and (iii) true work-life harmony."

Brian Weisberg, Finance

Our story

Here’s what we know. Open source software is incredible, but it’s got some issues.

For software development teams, ensuring they have the best available information about the open source they are using to improve security and reduce risk can be challenging and time-consuming. Organizations often have to make tough tradeoffs between moving fast (and risking bringing in components that have not been fully vetted) and staying safe (potentially adding bureaucracy that slows down development).

For open source maintainers, keeping their projects well maintained and secure isn’t free—far from it. These creators often don’t have the time or incentive to ensure their projects follow secure software development practices, which puts all of us at risk.

So we asked ourselves:
How could open source work better for everyone involved?

First, software development teams should have access to the best possible information about the open source software they incorporate into their projects. They should be confident that components are secure, well integrated, and properly maintained.

Meanwhile, open source maintainers should be compensated for ensuring they develop using the standardized secure software development practices enterprises expect so they and their projects can thrive.

Our values



We have a genuinely positive outlook on the world, focusing on boundless possibilities. We see an amazing future ahead, and want to inspire others to share in it.



We know words and ideas alone won’t change lives. We help people most by creating a pragmatic, viable, and sustainable business that works for everyone.



A rising tide lifts all boats. We create an environment that encourages and inspires growth, both for individuals and for the community as a whole.



We believe technology will be stronger when it better reflects the voices and ideas of society as a whole. So we create opportunities for people from different backgrounds and experiences to flourish.

Our culture

We believe in work-life harmony: doing good work, with urgency and pragmatism, and at a sustainable pace. We value and celebrate diversity. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be, so we're committed to building a team with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We want to build a supportive and rewarding place that works for everyone.

Work with us!

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Donald Fisher


Havoc Pennington


Luis Villa


Jeremy Katz


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