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Over $1M now available to pay open source maintainers! Get the details.

Open source software you can depend on

The software you already use.
The professional assurances you need.
Directly from the experts who know it best.

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Tidelift professionalizes
open source software


For software development teams

Tidelift gives software development teams a single source for purchasing and maintaining their software, with professional-grade support from the experts who know it best, while seamlessly integrating with existing tools.

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For open source maintainers

Tidelift gives maintainers and core teams—we call them lifters—a way to get paid for doing the work they love. Tidelift provides the tools and audience necessary for them to deliver a professional software experience.

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The definitive guide to professional open source

Best practices for responsibly using open source components in your organization

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Develop and deploy with confidence

The Tidelift Subscription provides commercial-grade security updates, maintenance, and legal assurances for the open source projects you depend on, provided directly by the experts who created them.

what's included

open source projects
open source projects with the tidelift subscription
Freely available open source code
Security: Timely notifications and help addressing vulnerabilities
Maintenance: Assurance of ongoing high-quality maintenance into the future
Licensing: Legal assurances documenting license status and whether current usage is compatible
Comprehensive view: A clear way to understand all of your organization’s open source dependencies and better manage risk

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Featured packages supported by the Tidelift Subscription

  • vue-1
  • babel
  • material-ui-1
  • fabric
  • doctrine
  • gulp
  • vuetify
  • celery
  • nuxt
  • mongoose
  • marshmallow
  • cherrypy
  • “proxy-manager"
  • cherrypy
  • cherrypy

Receive an open source software assessment

Start by better understanding your current dependencies

Want a bird’s eye view of open source usage in your organization? With support for Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, and 20 more languages and package managers, our open source software assessment will give you a unified view of all open source components your organization is already using.

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