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listr-verbose-renderer is a npm component included in the Tidelift Subscription

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Catalog-hero_1 listr-verbose-renderer is a part of the Tidelift Subscription

About listr-verbose-renderer

Listr verbose renderer is a terminal task list available via the npm package manager. Listr verbose renderer maintainer and creator, Sam Verschueren, maintains listr verbose renderer via the Tidelift Subscription. Listr verbose renderer is downloaded 1.8 million times a week.

  • A task can return different values. If a task returns, it means the task was completed successfully. If a task throws an error, the task failed.
  • A task can also be async by returning a Promise. If the promise resolves, the task completed successfully, it it rejects, the task failed.
  • A task can also return an Observable. The thing about observables is that it can emit multiple values and can be used to show the output of the task.
  • It's also possible to return a stream. The stream will be converted to an Observable and handled as such.
  • Optionally specify a skip function to determine whether a task can be skipped.

You can learn more about listr verbose renderer on the project repo.




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