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security-advisories is a packagist component included in the Tidelift Subscription

Tidelift is working with the maintainers of security-advisories and a growing network of open source maintainers to ensure your open source software supply chain meets enterprise standards now and into the future.

With a comprehensive open source management solution like the Tidelift Subscription, organizations can efficiently manage the ways development teams use thousands of open source components across JavaScript, Java, Python, Swift, and Golang. (Beta-compatible with Rust, C#, Ruby, and PHP.) Improve the health, security, and resilience of the open source used in their applications with catalogs of known-good, proactively maintained open source components—backed by maintainers.

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Catalog-hero_1 security-advisories is a part of the Tidelift Subscription

About security-advisories

roave/security-advisories is a PHP library that prevents installation of Composer packages with known security vulnerabilities: no API, simply require it. This means that roave/security-advisories keeps known security vulnerabilities out of your project.

roave/security-advisories means you don't have to install and run an additional CLI tool for something that Composer can provide directly.

What does that mean?

roave/security-advisories compiles a list of conflict versions from into a composer metapackage, which has tons of advantages, like:

  • No files or actual dependencies are added to the project
  • Packages with security issues are filtered out during dependency resolution
  • No more CLI tool to run separately, no more CI setup steps
  • No need to upgrade the roave/security-advisories separately
  • No coupling or version constraints with any dependencies used by similar CLI-based alternatives

roave/security-advisories has been downloaded more than 9 million times.

You can learn more about roave/security-advisories in this blog post written by the creator.

roave/security-advisories is available via the Packagist package manager.



- Marco Pivetta, Security Advisories Maintainer

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What is included in the Tidelift Subscription?

Improve visibility

  • Dynamic SBOMs generated after every build
  • Visibility into transitive dependencies for JavaScript, Java, and .NET
  • Easily search for open source components of interest and understand usuage
  • Identify open source components that do not align with organizational standards and policies





Improve decision-making

  • Human-researched metadata to drive informed decision making
  • Maintainer-verified CVE and license data
  • Recommendations to improve application health
  • Centralized decision engine to drive consistent development practices

Improve governance

  • Inclusive approach to defining open source policies and standards
  • Proactively evaluate and approve open source components for developers to use
  • Help developers self-serve from approved components and avoid rework.





Improve resilience

  • Validate that components meet enterprise standards—with data and recommendations from Tidelift and maintainer partners.
  • Enable informed decision making to resolve issues and improve application health.
  • Conduct necessary due diligence with research and validated metadata from Tidelift.