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How the maintainers of urllib3 keep the project secure and healthy (and why you should care)


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Meet Seth Larson, lead maintainer of urllib3, the most depended-on Python package, which is downloaded more than 250 million times per month. Yep, you read that right: 250 million times a month.

urllib3 is a critical part of the Python ecosystem, in the same way that Log4j is for Java. Lucky for us, Seth and the team at urllib3 take security and maintenance very seriously. Thanks to a partnership with Tidelift, the team continually rolls out better processes, like coordinated security vulnerability disclosures, two-factor authentication, backwards compatibility, and more.

Tidelift VP of Product Lauren Hanford sat down to chat with Seth Larson about all the systems and processes Seth and the team have put into place to keep urllib3 happy and healthy for all those millions of Python dependencies. 

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