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59% of maintainers have quit or considered quitting. Scary, huh? đź‘»


Best practices for safely and effectively building enterprise software applications with open source

Guest speaker IDC Research Director Jim Mercer shares insights from recent IDC research into how organizations can safely and effectively use open source for building applications.

Briefing: Thinking upstream about White House cybersecurity executive order 14028

Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer shares his perspective on how the cybersecurity executive order impacts software supply chain security.

Supporting the Python community by “shifting left”

What are some ways corporate users of open source software can contribute upstream and partner with ecosystems who provide the software?

Open source software supply chain management and security in the wake of SolarWinds

Tidelift CEO Donald Fischer will brief application development teams on the state of software supply chain security.

Keep OSS supply chain attacks off the menu: Tidelift catalogs + JFrog serve known-good components

Tidelift senior product manager Jeff Stern will share how Tidelift catalogs provide organizations with known-good open source components.

Open source licenses AMA part 2

Tidelift's resident open source license guru Luis Villa answers some pressing questions

Taming the beast: How to get control of your organization’s open source supply chain

RedMonk co-founder Stephen O’Grady and Tidelift CEO Donald Fischer offer a set of detailed recommendations for how to tame the open source supply chain.

Take control of your open source software supply chain with Tidelift catalogs

Watch on-demand as we demonstrate how you can use the Tidelift Subscription as the heart of an effective open source supply chain management strategy.

Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog: How to bake known good open source into your app development

Watch a brief reading of the Cooking with Tidelift and JFrog story, followed by a technical learning session.

Accelerate app development by optimizing your organization’s open source strategy

In this webinar, Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer is joined by guest speaker Chris Condo, Forrester’s Principal Analyst.

Open source licenses AMA

Tidelift's resident open source license guru Luis Villa is joined by guest speaker Kate Downing to answer some pressing questions.

Best practices for managing your open source artifacts

We share the latest best practices orgs can use to manage their open source dependencies.

The future of open source software support

IDC analyst Al Gillen explains the history of open source support models and his thoughts about the future of open source support.

Everything you never wanted to know about open source licenses and were too bored to ask

Tidelift's resident open source license guru Luis Villa shares the basics of how open source licenses work.

Managed open source: best practices for app development in a downturn

451 Research Principal Analyst Jay Lyman & Tidelift CEO Donald Fischer share how leading orgs use managed OSS to build apps safely & effectively.

Choosing open source packages well

Tidelift co-founder Jeremy Katz deep dives into the steps you can take to choose the right open source packages for your organization.

How to level up your open source project with Tidelift

Are you an open source maintainer interested in leveling up your open source project through Tidelift?