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A demo of the Tidelift Subscription

Watch an on-demand demo of the Tidelift Subscription.

How to choose open source packages well

In this video, Tidelift co-founders Havoc Pennington and Jeremy Katz explain how to choose open source packages well.

How an annoying Python package led Alex Clark to create Pillow

Alex Clark explains how and why he created the Python package Pillow.

The Tidelift approach to securing open source dependencies

Want to learn more about securing your open source dependencies?

Meet Project Lombok maintainer Roel Spilker

Project Lombok maintainer Roel Spilker thinks the hardest part of being a maintainer is rejecting good feature ideas.

Project Lombok core maintainer Reinier Zwitserloot shares his open source journey

Reinier Zwitserloot’s journey into the world of open source is a familiar one: he discovered a problem he thought he could fix.

Material-UI core maintainer Olivier Tassinari shares his open source software journey

Olivier Tassinari is a core maintainer of Material-UI, a JavaScript library that helps you build React components

Why not-so-open licenses are not-so-good

An open license should give everyone the right to use, modify, and distribute software under an agreed upon set of terms.

What motivates open source maintainers?

The Tidelift founders discuss why open source maintainers do the work that they do.

How the Tidelift Subscription works

This 90-second video explains how the Tidelift Subscription manages your dependencies for you.

What software development teams should know about open source licenses

Tidelift cofounder and licensing expert Luis Villa discusses what you should know about open source licenses.

How to generate an SBOM with Tidelift

Tidelift solutions architect Sean Wiley shows how to demonstrate a software bill of materials (SBOM) with Tidelift.