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A better way to manage open source with AWS

Keep your open source software supply chain safe and up to date in the cloud with help from Tidelift and our open source maintainer partners.


The Tidelift Subscription is a proven way to manage the health and security of the open source software supply chain. It helps streamline application development by removing obstacles that slow down developers while identifying and removing open source related risk.

The Tidelift Subscription provides security, licensing, and maintenance assurances to support application level components of the stack, complementing the support AWS managed services provide at the infrastructural level.

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"In the wake of the recent wave of software supply chain attacks, fully understanding the health, security, and provenance of the open source components in your applications is more important than ever.
"Tidelift makes it possible for organizations to move fast and stay safe when using open source. We are thrilled to join the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program to help even more organizations use the Tidelift Subscription to improve the health and security of their open source software supply chain."
-  Donald Fischer, CEO and co-founder at Tidelift


Tidelift provides the tools, data, and strategies driving an inclusive and organization-wide approach to improving the health and security of the open source powering your applications. Tidelift makes it possible for application development teams to build and deploy more secure applications to AWS faster, and for existing enterprise application workloads to be migrated to AWS more quickly.





Speed up application development

Streamline the development process

Remove obstacles that slow down application development.

  • Improve decision making with contextually relevant, maintainer-originated data made available directly in the software development lifecycle
  • Define a repository of pre-vetted, approved open source components that reduces duplicative work and accelerates development
  • Reduce time to approve new components with a streamlined process integrated into your existing workflow

Improve open source software supply chain health and security

Identify and remove security, maintenance, and licensing-related risk.

  • Analyze and document an always-up-to-date software bill of materials (SBOM)
  • Assess application risk against open source components evaluated by Tidelift
  • Design and implement a centralized approach to evaluating and curating open source components
  • Codify and enforce consistent standards and policies across the organization

Keep an up to date SBOM

Accelerate app development by optimizing your organization’s open source strategy with Tidelift powered by AWS

Tidelift named Gartner® Cool Vendor™

"Software engineers struggle to navigate complex code environments and to improve security of the systems they build while remaining productive. These Cool Vendors offer innovative solutions that help software engineering leaders boost developer productivity and mitigate security risks."