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Move fast & stay safe

The Tidelift Subscription gives application development teams the tools they need to efficiently create, track, and manage catalogs of known-good open source components across the organization.

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paved path

A paved path

Accelerate development by creating catalogs of approved and pre-vetted components your developers can draw from safely.


An integrated experience

Tidelift integrates with your existing source code and repository management tools so developers don’t need to change their workflow.


Clear policies

Automatically enforce standards, such as your organization's license policy, early in the software development lifecycle.



Building applications at enterprise scale


451 Research | Pathfinder Report: Managed open source

Principal analyst Jay Lyman shares data about the increasing prominence of open source as an enterprise development and IT operations priority.


The future of open source software support

IDC analyst Al Gillen explains the history of open source support models and his thoughts about the future of open source support.


Tidelift named IDC innovator

"Tidelift is positioned as the single source of content for supported technologies so enterprisese can build and manage their software using known-good OSS components."- Al Gillen and Elaina Stergiades, IDC

See how Google manages open source