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ON-DEMAND webinar

Using SBOM data to comply with government cybersecurity regulations





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Meet Om Mahida, VP of product at Medcrypt. With his team, Om has created a solution to help medical device manufacturers (MDMs) comply with FDA cybersecurity expectations. To meet stakeholder needs, MDMs must be able to attest to the security practices of the third party open source software included in their devices.

Enter Tidelift: Tidelift works with the third party maintainers who build those open source components to make sure they follow the secure software development practices outlined in the NIST Secure Software Development Framework and other related government guidelines.

Tidelift VP of product, Lauren Hanford, sat down with Medcrypt’s VP of product, Om Mahida, to review government product security requirements, in particular discussing software bills of materials (SBOMs).

While watching this webinar you will learn about critical considerations in building a vulnerability management program, as well as discover benefits from the Medcrypt and Tidelift partnership. 

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