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Predictions: What does open source software supply chain security look like in 2023?


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2022 was a big year for software supply chain and open source software related-security—both brought to the forefront by the intensity of the Log4Shell vulnerability. What can we expect in 2023?

Tidelift co-founders Donald Fischer and Luis Villa were joined by RedMonk analysts Stephen O’Grady and Rachel Stephens and industry experts Duane O'Brien of Indeed and John Mark Walker of Fannie Mae as we took a peak into their crystal balls.

SBOMs might continue to reign supreme, but what else will security leaders do to improve their software supply chain? What might be the ramifications of another Log4Shell like vulnerability?  How might open source maintainers react to the growing list of industry standards they are being asked to validate—for free?

Watch now for this casual panel discussion that included some surprising predictions.