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Use Libraries.io to make better, data-driven open source package decisions


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Did you know that Libraries.io has indexed data from nearly 7.5 million open source packages across 32 different package managers? As of July 2023, tens of thousands of people use the Libraries.io API to monitor package release updates so they can make better informed decisions about which open source libraries to use when building applications.

Libraries.io is maintained by Tidelift, and we work with hundreds of maintainers across thousands of open source packages to collect human-verified insights so our users can minimize open source software related risk. 

You need a reliable source for the accurate package data, including metadata, security, and development practices—and a way to keep this information updated, at scale.

In this quick 20-minute webinar, Tidelift principal product manager Isaac Wuest shared how Libraries.io can help you make better open source decisions, and then explained how you can use Tidelift’s maintainer-verified data to lower risk, based on the criteria that matters most to your organization.

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