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AWS + Tidelift panel: Best practices for inclusive development part 2




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Equity, diversity, and inclusion are super important topics at Tidelift, and we are delighted that our friends at AWS agreed to host a webinar with us to chat through best practices for inclusion development.

We started this conversation in 2022, and our all star panel including Nithya Ruff of Amazon, Julia Ferraioli of Open Chapters, Anita Ihuman of Layer5, and Jeremy Katz of Tidelift discussed best practices and small improvements for leaders to implement in order to drive change and thought leadership around ID&E across their engineering teams. 

Kanish Sharma hosted, and we discussed these topics brought up in the conversation in 2022:

  • Inclusivity needs to be considered earlier in the development process
  • Having a code of conduct for developer teams is essential in order to provide an inclusive environment
  • Practicing proactive inclusion
  • Mentor vs sponsor
Group 5
Group 7