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Take control of your open source supply chain with Tidelift catalogs



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The phrase “software supply chain” is making unlikely front-page headlines thanks to the breach impacting SolarWinds and its customers around the world.

Meanwhile, open source continues to become a larger and larger part of application development, with our research showing that 92% of applications contain open source components and in some cases open source makes up 70% or more of the code.

So for organizations now seeing software supply chain health as a key imperative, tackling open source software supply chain health is more critical than ever.

During this short, 30-minute webinar our product team demonstrates how you can use the Tidelift Subscription as the heart of an effective open source supply chain management strategy.

In this webinar:

  • We'll show you how to design a comprehensive strategy for managing open source usage across the organization.
  • We’ll demonstrate Tidelift custom catalogs, including the ability to create, track, and manage catalogs of open source components and the policies that govern them across the organization.
  • We'll explore how Tidelift-managed catalogs can give your organization a head start on building a paved path of approved components for development teams to use, similar to how the largest tech companies open source.