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Tidelift guide to U.S. government cybersecurity requirements

Learn what application development teams using open source need to know about U.S. government cybersecurity guidelines and how to stay in compliance

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The U.S. government is taking action to set higher cybersecurity standards. How will they impact your organization?

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to make sense of key government cybersecurity actions, and the aspects of each that impact organizations building applications with open source components
  • Why all organizations using open source should educate themselves to take advantage of government liability protection and avoid liability risk
  • What self-attestation means for organizations selling software to the government, the key dates to keep in mind, and the questions organizations should be asking themselves
  • The critical role of open source maintainers in complying with these government cybersecurity guidelines
Tidelift guide to U.S. government cybersecurity requirements