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Learn how to proactively reduce risk, improve security, and use open source with confidence. 

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We want to help your organization minimize the risks associated with using open source software for application development.

Open source is the modern application development platform. However, there are several hidden risks associated with using open sourceexposing organizations to cybersecurity threats. 

At Tidelift, we recommend organizations take a more holistic, defense-in-depth approach to open source software supply chain security. This includes taking a proactive approach to ensure the open source projects your organization uses are developed using secure development practices, so you can minimize the likelihood that issues will impact you in the first place. 

In this guide, you will learn how Tidelift helps organizations answer:

  • Are the open source packages we use abandoned or actively maintained and receiving fixes? 
  • Who are the maintainers and how many maintainers are behind the projects we use?
  • Do the packages we use implement security practices such as multi-factor authentication? 

Inside the guide to managing open source software risk with Tidelift