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For application development

Open source software
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Tidelift helps leading organizations
use open source with confidence

Validated open source package intelligence

Use Tidelift’s package, release, and vulnerability APIs to give your teams access to a continuously curated stream of validated data about vetted components they need to make intelligent decisions, faster.

Open source management and policy compliance

Curate catalogs of vetted, approved open source components with validated licenses that follow secure software development practices, then continuously curate them against the set of organizationally-defined open source policies.

Compliance with government cybersecurity requirements

The best way for organizations selling software to the U.S. government to comply with mandatory secure software development requirements, by providing the data they need to attest to the secure development practices of the open source components used in their applications.


The only source for human-validated data on secure software development practices for open source

Tidelift pays open source maintainers to ensure their projects follow industry-standard secure software development practices (like those found in the NIST Secure Software Development Framework and the OpenSSF Scorecards). We work together with our maintainer partners to provide this unique and valuable data, so you know if, when, and how your open source will be secured and maintained.

Validated license
2FA on source repository
Validated versioning scheme
2FA on package manager
Release managers reviewed
Documented maintenance plan
Vulnerabilities have document review
Validated source repository url
Vulnerabilities have fixed release or documented mitigation available
Discoverable security policy

Government open source cybersecurity resource center

Understand how the new government cybersecurity requirements will impact your organization.

Resources to get you started

How Distributive uses Tidelift to maximize open source security and resilience

Within days of using the Tidelift application, the Distributive team found a potential vulnerability that npm-audit hadn’t, and quickly and safely fixed those issues with Tidelift’s CLI tool.

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The 2023 Tidelift state of the open source maintainer report

Check out the new state of the open source maintainer report which included 11 key headlines coming out of our new survey of over 300 open source maintainers.

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Gartner Hype Cycle for Open Source Sofware 2023

Tidelift mentioned in the Gartner hype cycle for open source software.