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The key benefits of Tidelift for enterprise architecture teams

Open source is an incredible—and critical—resource for modern application development teams. Enterprise architects seek to unlock as much value as they can from using open source, while also addressing the security and maintenance challenges it brings with it.

Here’s how we think about these challenges at Tidelift—and how we can help.

Let's talk open source

Enterprise architecture teams face a competing set of priorities:

Enterprise architecture open source management solutions.

Minimizing risk

Leading cross functional efforts to reduce overall risk

Long-term planning icon

Long-term planning

Identifying opportunities to drive competitive advantages

Managing complexity icon

Managing complexity

Managing a growing set of tools and practices

Challenges of managing open source

In a recent survey, Tidelift found that 30% of organizations believe security is their most urgent open source challenge, while only 15% are extremely confident that the open source components they are using are up-to-date, secure, and well maintained. In addition, through our surveys we have found that organizations often struggle with: 

Security and maintenance challenges

  • How do you know which open source components are being used today?

  • Whose job is it to keep the open source components your organization relies on secure, up to date, and well maintained?

  • Who is on the hook to fix issues with these components when they occur?

  • Who makes decisions about which open source components and versions are approved for use?

  • Who writes fixes for vulnerabilities flagged by software composition analysis tools if not already available?

Supply chain resilience challenges

  • Many open source projects are maintained by volunteers, with only 26% of maintainers making more than $1000 a year and 45% earning nothing 

  • Maintainers often lack the time and incentives to meet enterprise standards organizations require and to address issues flagged by scanning tools

  • Security and maintenance practices vary widely from project to project

  • This forces organizations to take on these difficult maintenance and security issues themselves

The Tidelift Subscription

A proactive, people and software-powered approach
to managing open source effectively for application development teams.

Animated People and software diagram


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From a security remediation point of view... no other vendor came close to the level of detail Tidelift provides—because Tidelift works directly with the open source maintainers of the projects EMPLOYERS and other enterprise organizations depend on.

“That relationship is pure gold. The openness you have with the open source maintainers and the ability to talk with the consumers about how we’re using their products—we have a direct line of communication from their fixes and what versions we should be using.”

Proven open source management for leading organizations:


A proactive software and people based approach to improving the health, security, and resilience of your organization’s open source software supply chain.

software-iconSoftware-powered: Tools, data, and strategies that help organizations assess risk and improve the health, security, and resilience of the open source used in their applications.


ppl-iconPeople-powered: Tidelift partners directly with maintainers and pays them to validate the open source software organizations rely on meets enterprise standards now and into the future.


Key benefits of the Tidelift Subscription

Home Improve Visibility

Home Improve Visibility IconImprove visibility

Get an complete view of open source in use across the organization, including transitive dependencies while dynamvically generating up-to-date SBOMs after every build.


Home Improve Decision Making IconImprove decision-making

Make more informed decisions with human-reserached, validated, and normalized metadata from Tidelift and maintainer partners -- and share them across the organization.


Home Improve Decision Making


Home Improve Governance

Home Improve Governance IconImprove governance

Centralize open source security, maintenance, and licensing policies and standards while empowering developers to self-serve from catalogs of approved components.


Home Improve Resilliance IconImprove resilience

Validate that the components you use meet emerging enterprise standards—now and into the future—with help from Tidelift and our maintainer partners.


Home Improve Resilliance

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