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How the Tidelift Subscription works



Almost all development teams use open source today because it helps them move quickly and stay efficient. We love open source, except when we're slowed by frustrating issues, security vulnerabilities that take a fire drill to patch, dependencies randomly breaking the update packages, or the legal team asking to see a list of every open source license we use. So how do we get the awesome parts of open source without being slowed down by the not so awesome?

That's where Tidelift comes in. Tidelift connects to your software development process to understand which open source packages you use. You get a single subscription from Tidelift that includes the security, maintenance, and legal compliance assurances you need for those packages. And Tidelift is on call to help you resolve issues that come up along the way. Your subscription pays the maintainers of the exact packages you use. The more Tidelift subscribers that use these packages, the more than maintainers get paid. That gives them the time and motivation to maintain their code well and ensures it keeps getting better too.

That's great. But what if one of the packages isn't part of the Tidelift Subscription? The subscription already covers many high profile packages. And as more subscribers join the boat, subscription fees create the incentive for more maintainers to support their packages. So the Tidelift Subscription gives you one place for dependable open source backed by the experts who created it? That just makes sense. Exactly.

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Tidelift can help your organization stay on top of the maintenance issues that come with using open source software. Want to discuss with one of our open source specialists?

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