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The future of open source software support

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Open source is fundamental to modern software development.

Over 90% of applications today contain open source components. Open source helps organizations move faster by allowing them to take advantage of billions of lines of code developed and shared by an open community of collaborators.

But as organizations use more and more open source, one nagging question continues to come up: who’s on the hook to support all that code?

Over the past 20 years, guest speaker Al Gillen of IDC has been studying the rise of open source and the numerous methods organizations have employed to ensure the open source code they are using is supported and maintained. Recently he’s been exploring new emerging models for open source support, and recently named Tidelift an IDC Innovator in this area.

Watch this webinar on-demand where IDC analyst Al Gillen explains the history of open source support models and his thoughts about the future of open source support. He’s be joined by Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer.

During this webinar, Al and Donald share:

  • Why organizations need commercial support for open source
  • Where open source support options are least and most mature
  • What risks organizations take when they use open source software without support
  • And more!

Tidelift named