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Joint Tidelift + Jfrog WEBINAR

Best practices for managing your open source artifacts


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Does your development team struggle to manage the hairball of open source components that are now part of your applications and keep them up to date and secure?

Do you ever dream about having one place where you can find and store “known good” open source packages that are pre-vetted and pre-approved for use in building applications? 

If you ever think to yourself “there must be a better way” to manage open source components across the organization, you are in for a treat—now there is!

speakers-jfrogIn this on-demand webinar, JFrog senior product manager Mark Galpin and Tidelift co-founder Havoc Pennington share the latest best practices organizations can use to manage their open source dependencies well. They also demo how the Tidelift Subscription integrates with JFrog Artifactory to make it possible to manage open source components without leaving the Artifactory workflow.

Learn how to:

  • Ensure you are working with known-good, issue-free packages and versions across the entire organization
  • Speed up application development by spending less time managing security issues and build fails
  • Improve overall software integrity

If your organization is looking for ways to take advantage of the latest open source technologies—safely and at scale—you won’t want to miss this.