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Defense in depth: How to use Tidelift alongside your SCA tool 

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One question we get a lot when talking to customers: how does Tidelift go hand in hand with software composition analysis tools, like Black Duck or Snyk or Mend.io? 

Short answer: Tidelift is proactive, SCA is reactive.

Long answer: Many customers are using Tidelift and one or more SCA tools together as part of what we call a “defense in depth” strategy, where SCA handles reactively detecting security vulnerabilities and Tidelift handles proactively improving the health and security of your open source software supply chain. 

In this webinar, Tidelift CEO and co-founder Donald Fischer shares why a defense-in-depth approach using both SCA and Tidelift has become a winning strategy for many organizations to make their open source software supply chain more secure and resilient. 



Donald Fischer


CEO and co-founder