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Open source software
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Tidelift helps leading organizations
use open source with confidence

Validated open source package intelligence

Use Tidelift’s package, release, and vulnerability APIs to research new open source packages before bringing them into the organization and to implement effective monitoring of open source software in use. 

Open source management and policy compliance

Curate catalogs of vetted, approved open source components with validated licenses that follow secure software development practices, then continuously curate them against the set of organizationally-defined open source policies.

Compliance with government cybersecurity requirements

The best way for organizations selling software to the U.S. government to comply with mandatory secure software development requirements, by providing the data they need to attest to the secure development practices of the open source components used in their applications.

The Tidelift maintainer advantage

Tidelift is the only company that partners with open source maintainers and pays them to: 
Implement industry-leading secure software development practices and validate the practices they follow so organizations can have the same confidence in the security of their open source that they have in their own code.
Contractually commit to continue these practices into the future so that organizations can confidently make long term investments in the packages they use.


Maintainer Tatu Saloranta used income from Tidelift and its customers to completely rearchitect jackson-databind and eliminate the risk of RCE vulnerabilities.


Maintainer Jordan Harband saved minimist from deletion when its maintainer decided to delete their projects from GitHub.


Maintainer Seth Michael Larson was able to substantially improve urllib3 security practices thanks to income from Tidelift and its customers.


When SockJS maintainer Bryce Kahle took a new job that didn’t involve JavaScript, Asif Saif Uddin stepped in as maintainer, ensuring the project wasn’t abandoned.

Learn how one large organization saved over $1.6M in manual package evaluation time and eliminated over 3,000 points of risk in applications running in production.

Resources to get you started

10 questions you should answer before using an open source project

When it comes to open source software security, many organizations rely heavily on software scanning (often called software composition analysis or SCA) as the primary means of defense.

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Predictions: What’s in the crystal ball for open source software security in 2024?

 Tidelift co-founders Donald Fischer and Luis Villa, RedMonk analyst Kelly Fitzpatrick, Fannie Mae OSPO strategist Brittany Istenes, and npm package maintainer Jordan Harband come together to look into their crystal balls. 

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Gartner Hype Cycle for Open Source Sofware 2023

Tidelift mentioned in the Gartner hype cycle for open source software.