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Are you an open source maintainer?

Take your project to the next level by partnering with Tidelift. Turn it into a commercial product and get paid for the value you create.

The Tidelift Subscription is a complete solution for managing, securing, and maintaining the health of an organization’s open source supply chain.

You already put a lot of effort into your open source projects, but your users want more. What if you could get paid for that work by being a part of building and promoting a product that is valuable to enterprises?

Our commercial subscribers are looking for help managing the security, maintenance, and licensing issues that come from using open source, and they need your help. Of course, you shouldn’t be expected to provide this type of work for free! Tidelift works directly with maintainers—like you—to ensure covered components meet enterprise-level security, maintenance, and licensing standards as part of our comprehensive approach to managing open source.

To maximize coverage on all our subscribers’ open source, we analyze each of their application manifests and distribute income to lifters (the maintainers working with us) from that subscription fee. This means maintainers will get paid by the people who depend on their packages the most. Read more about how we pay lifters.


Tidelift guides you in providing value to enterprise subscribers

We focus on four core areas of value-add for our subscribers (and you)! The primary focus is to provide customers with well-maintained and secure software, while making it easier for them to find your package and ensure it complies with their organization's requirements. These are all areas where enterprise users struggle and Tidelift can help you deliver the value they need. Explore more below, or read the docs.


security updates

Enterprise users are risk averse, so knowing your packages comply with the Tidelift security requirements gives them added confidence when they are choosing packages.


See security details

licensing verification and indemnification

Licensing compliance is a huge blocker for adopting open source packages. Tidelift shows you how to meet common compliance requirements, so commercial users are more likely to adopt your package.

See licensing details

Maintenance and code improvement

Our subscribers want to know the packages they depend on will be maintained into the future. We provide a set of tools to help you better plan the long-term maintenance of your project.


See maintenance details

Marketing the Tidelift Subscription to your users

By marketing the Tidelift Subscription to your current users, you ensure they can use your project with confidence. The more subscribers who use your project, the more income you can earn, increasing your ability to continue to maintain it well into the future.


See marketing details

Ready to level up your open source project?

Join the thousands of projects already partnered with Tidelift. See if your package is eligible for income on Tidelift and apply to lift your package, or contact us directly at lift@tidelift.com. We look forward to partnering with you!


See the estimated monthly income for your package


"There are a vast array of open source projects out there, and not all of them are at the same quality level. Tidelift helps people make a more educated decision when evaluating an open source project. This helps alleviate the pressure—and stress—of choosing the best components and libraries when a big, corporate project depends on it."

- Olivier Tassinari, Material-UI maintainer

"After meeting with the Tidelift team, it was very obvious they were very passionate about Open Source Software and I was confident they had my best interests in mind."

- John Leider, Vuetify creator and maintainer

"It’s a pretty simple concept: maintainers get paid and the organizations who use their projects get the support and dependability they need in return. I believe that this model helps us move closer to a future where many more maintainers like me can afford to work on their projects full time."

- Evan You, Vue.js creator and maintainer